The Goleta Education Foundation (GEF) was incorporated in 1989 to support specific programs in the nine elementary schools in the Goleta Union School District (GUSD). These schools have a diverse constituency of 3,700 students, both in socioeconomics and ethnicity. The GUSD serves the Goleta Valley, with a population of 80,000 that includes the city of Goleta and a large unincorporated area.

The Goleta Education Foundation supports program and equipment needs for all elementary schools in the district, with the goal of creating parity across all programs, regardless of each school’s ability to raise funds independently to augment the district’s resources.

Recent projects include helping to support:

  • core academic support portions of after-school programs that cannot, by law, be funded through fee-based revenue;
  • scholarships for low-income after school program participants;
  • expansion of enrichment options and spaces in the Summer Learning Program;
  • Chromebooks® for each student in grades 3-6;
  • iPads® for each student in 2nd grade;
  • interactive teacher presentation centers for all 181 classrooms;
  • STEM/STEAM equipment, materials and curricula for each school;
  • United Parents/Padres Unidos, an educational support program for Spanish-speaking parents or caregivers with children in GUSD.


el camino kids

Students thanking GEF for the interactive teacher presentation center