Our Mission

The Goleta Education Foundation (GEF) engages the community to invest in and enhance an excellent educational experience for all students attending schools in the Goleta Union School District.

The GUSD serves a constituency of 3,700 elementary students in the Goleta Valley who are diverse both socioeconomically and ethnically. The Goleta Valley has a population of 80,000 that includes the city of Goleta and a large unincorporated area of Santa Barbara County. The district includes nine elementary schools, six of which provide transitional kindergarten classrooms and three of which include State-funded preschools. GEF supports program and equipment needs for all of the elementary schools in the district, with the goal of creating parity across all programs.

Our Values & Vision

We are champions of opportunity. GEF believes that every child should have the opportunity to excel in school and build character. To that end, GEF pursues resources with equality of opportunity in mind, taking into account the unique needs of the Goleta education community. We champion ancillary programs that enhance opportunity for enrichment experiences that contribute to academic and personal success.

We bring people together. GEF embraces a diverse community, including GUSD students, teachers, administrators, family members, funders, businesses and the broader community. We hope to engage all who are impacted by the Goleta schools or who have an interest in partnering with us to build awareness of the excellence of our schools and the importance of supporting our students.

We serve the community. GEF actively serves the community’s changing needs by listening to our stakeholders, fundraising, and providing opportunities for students, families and schools to address those changing needs. GEF’s service includes inspiring the community to support schools and advocating to build a positive image of the schools in the District. We work with our partners within the school district, in the community, and through coalitions to promote greater opportunities for students.

We think big change is possible. GEF seeks to engage people and ideas to support Goleta’s schools. Remaining faithful to our mission to ‘enhance an excellent educational experience for all students,’ we continually evaluate the impact of our investments and adapt entrepreneurially to the changing needs of the school community. We recognize both the excellence of each school in the district as well as the transformational power of engaging the entire community in supporting schools.